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The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

I use  GDI website to place my YouTube videos and advertise my products. With GDI you get a website, hosting, E-mail and other resources. GDI is FREE for the first 7 days then it's only $10.00/month. What I like about GDI is that you can make a lot of money with them. Check them out here.


The ads I use are Google Ads, Adhitz and Share-A-Sale. The ad above for Flower Explosion is from Share-A-Sale. Share-A-Sale has hundreds of companies to advertise. Most are really great. Lots from which to choose. Try Share-A-Sale they are FREE to join and use. Plus they need you so they will pay you.


I use EasyHits4U as an website exchange. It helps in rankings. Usually it only takes 30 minutes or less a day to go through 100 other websites. That way my GDI website gets a few Free views. EasyHits4U is free to join.

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 The T-shirt design at the left is print on demand from Make up your own designs and sell them on TeeSpring, Amazon, Shopify and your own GDI website.

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