Menopausal women school their junior on what's in store. Original musical comedy full of hilarious dialogue and song parodies.

With the help of Kickstarter and your backing, Stand By Your Fan will bring thousands of women together to celebrate an important time in their lives, because menopause will be a part of  EVERY woman's life. I am aware that this is not the first show ever written about The Change and probably won't be the last.  But Stand By Your Fan brings a fresh new side splitting perspective about a timeless subject that will have audiences laughing and cheering for more!

Yes more!  More parodies like: Copin' With Night Sweats - Ma Never Told Me Tango - I Got The Belly-Roll Blues - Searching My Memory - After It's Gone - Thong Underwear - I'm Just Wild 'Cause I'm Hairy - It's a Killer (to stay awake all night!) - Anita Nip Anna Tuck - Oh Boy Oh Boy The Pipes Are Callin' followed by Wee Wee River Dance -  theme from The Hormone Wrangler - and of course, Stand By Your Fan, to name a few.

Following it's opening premier and three more performances at the Selma Performing Arts Center in Selma California (just minutes from downtown Fresno via freeway 99), my plan is to offer this show to presenting theaters up and down California and beyond, hopefully to a theater near you! However I want to emphasize that the total monies raised through Kickstarter will be used to produce the first run of Stand By Your Fan. (We are excited to know that a few theaters in Calif. have already expressed interest in presenting this production, but want to know it has been done at least once before committing.)

Stand By Your Fan is a re-write of my original concept Havin' A Hot Flash (which was presented in 2009, 2010, and 2012) at TheTower Theater in Fresno, Ca. Although that production was successful, thanks in no small part to the talented artists on stage and behind the scenes, there were still some changes that I knew I could make for it to be a resounding hit. This included changing the title and much of the music to take the production to the next level. That takes start-up cash for costumes, props, money for the music to be arranged and recorded, a vocal coach, choreographer, lighting and set design, legal and other miscellaneous fees, the theater, rehearsal space, money to pay actresses and personnel, and advertising - for a total budget of $25,000.00. Please be aware that the work the Director and I are doing to get the show mounted is not being considered in the budget and we're prepared for our efforts to be a labor of love until the end of the run (and even then, there are no guarantees).  If you are moved to help, each and every dollar will be put to work to create an amazing show.  And your kindness will be repaid with creative premiums that you will receive with my undying gratitude!  I must emphasize that this is an all or nothing model, and that no money changes hands until the project is fully funded.

Should I be fortunate enough to receive more funds than requested, I would increase the advertising budget and set the additional monies aside to cover travel costs for two out of town theaters. These costs would include van rental to transport cast, van rental to carry props, scenery and costumes and food costs for cast and crew.


Music scored, arranged and recorded - $3800.00 (Score to be used for vocal rehearsals, and the CD to be used for rehearsals and performances.  (The performance CD will be cost effective as it can be used for this run and when we tour, eliminating the cost of a band.)

CD Of The Show - $1000.00  (To be given as premiums at a certain level and to sell to the public.)     

Vocal Coach and Choreographer - $3000.00 (includes rehearsal space)

Performers - $2000.00

Props, Scenery and Costumes - $1200.00

Theater Expense - $2000.00

Stage Manager - $300.00

Professional DVD of the show  - $300.00

Advertising - $5000.00

KS account fees, legal fees - $3,500.00

Premiums - $2500.00

Programs - $400.00

IT TAKES A VILLAGE . . . . . .