This is a documentary about Global H2O's trip to Uganda in 2011. http://globalh2o.org/

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Jamie Wilson Fund
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Raised by 70 people in 1 month
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Created August 21, 2014
Kathy Marie Johnson
Jamie has had another setback!! We thought we were on our way to recovery and infection extends Jamie's lengthy stay in the hospital. This most current infection is in his bone which may require another surgery and the loss of yet another bone. We have been moved out of the rehabilitation hospital and back into an acute care facility. (Good Sam) this hard road just became even harder!! God's mercy on my child and our family!! As a mother I struggle with every ounce of his pain magnified by a million!! We covet your prayers!!
First time feeding himself at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital!!!

Jamie has been at Cardinal Hill for a week now and is improving each day!! We have been informed that his injuries are C5 , C6 complete break which means his spinal cord was completely severed, Leaving him as a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the collar bone down. The Dr here at Cardinal Hill has given him a 10% chance of walking again which is better than 0%!!! He has some movement of his arms but no control of them and no use of his hands. He's down from 250 pounds to 195 pounds and most of the weight loss was muscle!! We've been informed that he will require round the clock care when he returns home due to substantial weakness due to his muscle loss! We are so grateful to all that have kept us in their prayers and have donated in order to continue to care for Jamie!! Situations have changed and I will be taking Jamie to my home in 3 weeks and Financial needs for him continue to mount!! I have to stay home with him 24/7 and I have to renovate my home in order to accommodate his disability. Any and all help is appreciated, whether it's $1 or a prayer we respectfully appreciate your help!! Again thank you so much and as Jamie has said every day since he awakened from the accident, "Be careful!! Your life can change in an instant!!"


Jamie Wilson was hit by a car crossing Man O War on August 13 2014. Currently he is at University of Kentucky Hospital in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit and is paralyzed from the chest down. Many other injuries have required seven surgeries so far and the medical bills are mounting quickly. James Wilson has a loving wife, Katherine Carter Wilson and three children, ages 6, 2, and 2 months in their home and a 10 year old daughter who lives outside of their home. The struggle for his wife and children has become overwhelming. I am asking that we help this family during this very difficult time. Whether it's $1 or just a prayer. Every donation is appreciated!!